Middle School participant                   3 years


“I come to Cops and Kids because lots of reasons.  There are many good staff and plenty of stuff to do.  When I come here it feels like home.”


Elementary Participant                       3 years


“There are many reasons I go to cops and kids and have been for 3 years.  One of the main reasons is because I get my homework finished and don’t worry about it at home.  Also the cops and kids center has good games.  The staff here helps me with my home work and be nice.”


Elementary Participant                                   3 weeks


“Because we go on filed tripz and we eat.  And we have the niciz staff in the world.  We go to the gym.  The last thing is I like Cops and Kids.”


Elementary Participant                           3 years


The reasons I like coming here are it’s very fun, I get to play fun games.  I’m treated like I matter and it is a very fun place with nice kids and staff members.”


Participant 16 years old      In program 3 years

 “There are many reasons I come to cops and kids.  One reason is it keeps me out of trouble and is better for our community.  Another reason is because the staff helps us with our homework.  They take us on field trips and show us a fun time.  I can come after football practice and I can eat.  Last but not least they have different activities here.”

 Participant 7th Grade     1 year

 ” I like coming here because my friends are here.  We get respect from the staff.  At cops and kids I went to Disney for the first time.”

 Participant 7th Grade          2 years

 “Coming here helps me make better choices.  It helps me to not be lazy and inspires me to like school work.  I t got me to love reading.”

 Participant middle school    8 years

 “I like coming to cops and kids because they help me make better choices and they help me learn more.  I get to hang out with my friends and other things.”

 Participant entering High School          4 years

 “I come to cops and kids because I’m bored at home.  I like that we come and have fun and go to fun places.  We learn self control and how to respect others and treat them how to get along with others.”

 Participant Middle School                2 years

 ” I come here because my parent tells me to.  I come because they have fun.  And sometimes cops and kids teach me things I don’t know.  And all the staff hopes me completing my work and make me behave.”

 High School Participant                    4 years

 “Cops  and Kids is fun because we do a lot of fun activities.  We also learn alot.  We play video games and go on fun trips.  The staff is friendly too.  It helps me as a person to be better.”

A Tarpon Springs Program for Youth